Wuster’s Burgers is a Minecraftian food chain of hamburger fast-food restaurants owned by Wuster’s Burgers Corporation. The first branch opened for business on March 22, 1983 and due to its popularity, a second branch opened in 1991, followed by a third and the first worldwide branch in Gelu Village, Acrobatic in 2018, and began franchising with its first branch opening at Victorious Evilsim International Airport located at Fun Fair Island of Desertoak.

History[edit | edit source]

In December 1982, Villager #27 decided to build another wooden house but accidentally threw some Christmas wood at a fireplace with his hamburgers being stored inside. Villager #27 then recalls this incident to build a hamburger restaurant which opened for business on March 22, 1983 after hiring some villagers to be his employees.

Due to its popularity rising in the early 1990s, Villager #27 decided to build a second restaurant near to the first one in 1991. There were already plans to launch a third branch mainland or worldwide. The plans were finally given in September 2018 and marked the opening of that first worldwide branch. The first worldwide branch has more features, such as a drive-thru and a second level for more available seats, which has since been rebuilt with the second level demolished.

In December 2018, Wuster’s Burgers announced that it will begin franchising, with a few hundred locations opening in 2019, even though only 8 locations were opened by 2020. Later in February 2019, Wuster’s Burgers started its campaign to promote the use of metal straws, and for every 2 purchases, one metal straw would be given free. The first of the franchises launched by Wuster’s Burgers, which is named Wuster’s Burgers AirPort, opened at the Victorious Evilsim International Airport Terminal 1 on June 29, 2019.

In June 2019, Wuster’s Burgers announced they were ordering new Henny Penny foodservice equipment, similar to that of its competitors.

On October 18, 2019, Wuster’s Burgers opened its first hospital location at Gleneagles Jezu.

On November 3, 2019, Wuster’s Burgers announced plans to move the current AirPort franchise to Gabriel S. Garza International Airport on its first day of opening at unit C-02, which is now planned for opening in December 2021.

On December 22, 2019, Wuster’s Burgers opened a new Korean-style steakhouse chain known as Bobby’s Q.

On April 23, 2020, the first Wuster’s Burgers franchise in The Samuel Country in a form of a food stand opened in the open-air Shore Bazaar in Desert Valley Village at unit A-1.

On May 7, 2020, Wuster’s Burgers announced that another franchise located in an airport will open later that month, but will not be marketed as a Wuster’s Burgers AirPort. It will be located at unit #S-01 at Snow Golem Village–Samuel Yen Airport, being the second Wuster’s Burgers chain to open in The Samuel Country.

On December 31, 2020, Wuster’s Burgers opened its City railway station location concurrently with 7 other tenants as National Rail did not allow tenants to open until the aforementioned date.

On February 2, 2021, the Gelu Village location, which Wuster’s Burgers referred to as its “flagship location”, temporarily closed for renovation. The renovated premises of the location opened on February 4, 2021 to much fanfare, with the new flagship menu, a revamped drive thru and bearing Wuster’s Burgers’ new logo.

After the success of the renovated Gelu Village location, Wuster’s Burgers announced plans to open 5 new “drive-thru” locations in Desert Valley and 2 in Subway World. It will also be the first Wuster’s Burgers to open in Subway World.

On March 3, 2021, the first custom location in Subway World opened in Juton Towne Center in Juton, Subway World.

On April 7, 2021, Wuster's Burgers expanded to the MRT server with the opening of its first location in Madison Beach, Dogwood.

Locations[edit | edit source]

For locations in the MRT server, please click this link.

  • Central (Wuster Village, MRT City, Area 1)
  • Multiplex (Wuster Village, MRT City, Area 1)
  • Gelu Village (Gelu Village, Acrobatic)
  • Terminal 1 (Victorious Evilsim International Airport, Fun Fair Island, Desertoak) Closing in December 2021
  • Gleneagles Jezu (Gleneagles Jezu, Jezu, Acrobatic)
  • Main Wing (Ultra Mall SAM Plaza, Jezu, Acrobatic)
  • AirPort (Gabriel S. Garza International Airport, Fun Fair Island, Desertoak) Opening in December 2021
  • Shore Bazaar (Desert Valley Village, Desert Valley, The Samuel Country)
  • Level 1 (City railway station, Fun Fair Island, Desertoak)
  • Sunny Concourse (Snow Golem Village–Samuel Yen Airport, Snow Golem Village, The Samuel Country) Opening in 2021
  • Cyrene Heliport (Cyrene Heliport, Fun Fair Island, Desertoak)
  • 1 Redstone Lab Access Road (Desert Valley Redstone Lab, Desert Valley, The Samuel Country)
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • West Arroyo (Canal Drive, Nelson, Subway World)
  • Animal Hub (Jon Hamm Regional Airport, Animal Hub, Subway World)
  • Juton Towne Center (Riverside Parkway, Juton, Subway World)

Products[edit | edit source]

Wuster’s Burgers has a wide variety of hamburgers in its menu. There are three selections as of April 2020: “Original” is a type of hamburger which has only the basic ingredients, bread, vegetables and normal cooked meat. “Cheezy (sometimes spelled Cheesy)” is an upgraded version of the “Original” which has extra cheese as a topping. “VMA (formerly Veggie Martial Arts)” features more toppings which are vegetables including tomato, cucumber, lettuce and fresh onions.

It currently partners with Mountain Water and The Coca-Cola Company to provide drinks to the franchises. Wuster’s Burgers also sold milkshakes at its SAM Plaza store for a while before it was discontinued, but Wuster’s Burgers revived milkshakes and introduced espresso coffee as part of its new flagship menu at large franchises while smaller franchises keeping the original menu.

The first location to use the flagship menu was at Level 1 of City railway station in Fun Fair Island, Desertoak. Wuster’s Burgers also stated in February 2021 that it will deploy promotions on its flagship menu only during public holidays.

On March 22, 2021, coincidentally both Wuster’s Burgers’ 38th anniversary and the 28th World Water Day, Wuster’s Burgers temporarily replaced its meat with vegan meat.

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